Königliche Wäsche

Königliche Wäsche is a German quality brand. In our broad offer you will find great detergents and gels to clean white, black and colour fabrics. They have no match in fight with all types of dirt and stains. They are also delicate for the fabrics and protect the colours. We offer fabric softeners giving clothes not only softness,
but also delicate and fresh smell that lasts for long.

We also offer toilet cubes and hangers with six aromas inspired by juicy citrus fruit, ocean breeze and forest. Systematically developing our assortment, we have added toilet cubes with three new aromas – wonderful ocean, delicate lavender and soothing forest.

We have also prepared a separate line of Königliche Wäsche products for the dishwashers. These are high quality tablets, salt and rinse aid. Their usage guarantees not only clean and dry dishes but also assurance
that you take care of your dishwasher in a best way possible.

We are proud that all our products fulfil requirements of even the most demanding customers. Thanks to our experts we have been able to keep perfect proportions in combining high quality of the products with great
and long-lasting, but at the same time subtle aromas.

The exclusive distributor of Königliche Wäsche is Spartan Cleaner.