Königliche Wäsche is a German quality brand. In our broad offer you will find great detergents, gels and fabric softeners, toilet cubes
and dishwashers products.

Detergents, gels, fabric softeners

We are constantly developing the formulas of our washing products so that they do not only follow current market trends but also are 100% compatible with the taste of even the most demanding customers.


They do not contain phosphates and zeolites.


They do not irritate delicate skin and do not cause allergic reactions.

Intensive smell

They give laundry enjoyable,
fresh smell.

Unbelievable softness

They give fabrics softness
and make them nice to touch.

High power

They deal even with toughest stains.


They do not lose their effectiveness in low temperatures.

Mastered technology

They easily dissolve in water and
do not leave stains and spills.


Highly concentrated, they last
for more washing cycles.

Dishwasher products / Toilet products

We offer Königliche Wäsche products for dishwashers. Those are high class tablets, salt and rinse aid for the dishwashers. We have also prepared a new line of toilet cubes and hangers with unique smells.


It gets rid of dirt without need
to soak dishes in advance.

Glass protection

Dishes shine and do not require hand polishing.

Multifunction formula

SClean dishes, dishwasher protection, unique smell.

Unique smell

We have a broad range of intensive aromas.

High power

Technology preventing scaling.

High quality

Precise cleaning with every use.

Environment friendly

Caring for natural environment.


Highly concentrated, last for longer.

Selected products:

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