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It would seem that a washing powder or gel that removes even the toughest stains, a softener with a pleasant fragrance, or dishwasher or toilet products cannot be both environmentally friendly and effective. Nothing could be further from the truth. Reliability and respect for nature can be perfectly combined. Our experts have succeeded. They have made every effort to ensure that the composition of each of our products is as environmentally friendly as possible, and that they fulfil their purpose in an exemplary manner due to the specific nature of each product. Königliche Wäsche is our leading brand, which has gained a loyal and ever-growing number of customers.

Washing gel

Universal / Black / Color / Lavandel

1550 ml

Washing gel

Black / Lavandel / Color / Lavandel

3200 ml

The brand's powders and gels not only perfectly tackle even the most stubborn stains, but also leave a pleasant, fresh scent and rinse very well. Moreover, they do not contain zeolites, phosphates or other ingredients responsible for causing various types of allergies or skin irritations.

Laundry tablets

Color/ Universal

(30 x 25g) 750 g

Washing gel

Universal / Black / Color / Lavandel

1550 ml

Washing capsules

Universal / Color

306 g

Washing powder

Universal / Color

7 kg

Stain remover / Bleach

750 ml

Washing gel

Color / Universal

5000 ml

Washing powder

White / Lavender / Universal / Color

3,5 kg / 6 kg / 10 kg

Our washing powders, gels and fabric softeners include:

Königliche Wäsche is also a line of toilet products - toilet hangers, chlorine bleach, pipe cleaners and toilet gels.What makes them stand out from similar products is not only their effectiveness, but also the wide range of fragrances, as evidenced by the fact that the toilet hangers themselves are available in as many as 6 different nature-inspired fragrances.

Toilet hangers

Herbal Fantasy / Lemon / Active Chlorine / Grapefruit / Sea / Forest

45 g / 2 x 45 g

Toilet gel

Blue sea / Green forest / Yellow lemon

750 ml

Drain cleaner GEL

1000 ml

Window cleaner

Lemon /Apple

500 ml

Drain cleaner

500 g

Multipurpose liquid

Mango / Marseille Soap / Lemon & Lime

1100 ml

Our toilet products include:

We have also developed a range of dishwasher and dishwashing products under this brand, including dishwashing liquids, tablets, rinse aid, refreshers and salt.

3 compartment dishwasher capsules

(27 x 14 g) 378 g

Dishwasher products

Dishwasher rinse aid / Dishwasher tabs / Dishwasher gel / Dishwasher salt

1000 ml / 1224 g / 720 ml / 1,5 kg

Dishwashing liquid

Kiwi & Minze / Zitrone & Kamille / Rote Früchte / Marseille Seife

500 ml/ 1000 ml

Cleaning cream


600 g

Our dishwashing products include:

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