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Experience, especially this of many years, is always something to be proud of and proves that the direction we have chosen and the steps we have taken to reach our goal have been right and have brought the expected results.

We are a young but very dynamic company involved in the production and distribution of cleaning products and cosmetics. We are constantly improving the composition of our products so that they not only correspond to current market trends, but above all meet the preferences of even the most demanding customers in 100%. In spite of this, the price of our products is extremely attractive and has a high profitability for outlets, which is of course not without significance.

Reliable German quality, concern for the environment and meeting consumer expectations are the watchwords that guided us during the formulation of the individual products.At every stage of production, we make every effort to ensure that the end result stands out from similar articles. The high quality of our products is proven not only by the fact that we have a large number of regular satisfied customers, but also by the fact that more and more people choose our products. This in turn is extremely inspiring, resulting in three strong brands that we have created: Königliche Wäsche, Praktische Frau and Dr Madicorum.

These brands have been appreciated by consumers from the most distant corners of the world. We are present on markets in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Iraq, France, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, Austria, Albania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Guadeloupe and Russia. It probably won't stop there.

Our washing powders, gels and fabric softeners include:

Our dishwashing products include:

Our cosmetics include:

Our toilet products include:

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