Color 6 kg

Not fully washed clothes, chemical and unpleasant smell of a detergent or tiresome allergy that needs dedicated cosmetics may be a real nuisance. Thankfully we have a perfect solution - great detergents
from Königliche Wäsche family!

Color detergent does not only effectively get rid of the toughest coffee, tea, chocolate, fruit or grass stains.
It also gives laundry nice and fresh smell. Moreover, it does not cling to the clothes and it does not leave spills.
Its advantage is the fact that it does not include phosphates and zeolites. These substances are
a great cause of delicate skin irritation and allergic reactions.

The composition of our detergents is controlled by the specialists so that they do not only fit the ever changing market but also our customers’ taste. Thanks to that we can easily compete with the most recognized brands.
Königliche Wäsche Color 6 kg
Number in package 1
Number in layer 15
Number of layers 8
Number on the pallet 120
EAN code 4260582340048